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With over 40 years in construction and customer service, Paradise Lifestyle Home Watch is dedicated to protecting homes and communities. Paradise Lifestyle Home Watch is a proud member of the National Home Watch Association (NHWA). As an accredited home watch company, we have been vetted for proper insurance and bonding and prescribe to the code of ethics and mission statement of the NHWA. 

Appliance Service

Home Watch Inspections

We have a comprehensive checklist that we will complete at each inspection of your home.  

✔ Security lights

✔ Light bulbs drains and faucets

✔ Unusual sounds or odors

✔ Running tap water

✔ Any plumbing leaks

✔ Refrigerator and other appliances

✔ Signs of mildew

✔ Animal rodent or insect 


New Build Monitoring

We've got you covered!


Are you building a home or relocating?


We can be your go to person to assure your building manager is seeing through your home owner eyes.


Furniture delivery and warranty appointments can also be ours to handle on your behalf.

Security Camera

Smart Home Installation

We install doorbells and cameras that let you view your home and communicate at your doorstep while your away.


Hurricane Preparation

When a storm is coming we can get to your home first and secure any items on your porch or lanai.


After the storm, we will do a check inside and out to inspect your home.

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