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Home Watch is defined as a visual inspection of a home or property, looking for obvious issues.

Paradise Lifestyle Home Watch conducts a customized interior and exterior home watch inspection. All of our inspections are completed electronically through the latest software in order to give you immediate documentation regarding any issues that arise.
Should your property incur damage, we coordinate with you to set up a maintenance plan to repair or replace any items. If needed, we can provide a list of licensed service providers to address any necessary repairs or maintenance. We will also give a list of Preferred Vendors that are comprised of companies that have been interviewed and utilized in order to help you feel at ease regarding repairs.  A vacant house is a likely target for burglary. Paradise Lifestyle Home Watch conducts extensive weekly home inspections, checking all doors and windows for signs of break-ins or tampering. 
Paradise Lifestyle Home Watch has partnered with Home Watch I.T in order to provide our clients with the most honest and accurate reporting software. Home Watch I.T allows us to electronically send our clients reports, photos and access to a personal customer portal right from your computer or smartphone. Home Watch I.T also provides GPS locations so that you can verify that a Home Watch Inspector was at your residence.

Home Watch Inspections


  • Visual inspection of walls, ceilings and floors, looking for any sign of water damage, moisture and/or mold.

  • Verify current temperature, humidity and thermostat settings.

  • Check all exposed plumbing and fixtures for signs of leakage.

  • Check/Replace smoke detector batteries.

  • Check refrigerators and freezers are operating and maintaining temperature.

  • Check hot water heater and home appliances.

  • Check the electrical panel for any tripped breakers.

  • Check the garage and attic for any signs of rodents or pest intrusion.

  • ‘Brush and Flush’ all toilets in the home.

  • Run water through all faucets and water fixtures to cycle plumbing.

  • Verify all windows and doors are secured from the inside and outside, with no signs of intrusion attempts.

  • Verify any lights programmed to come on are working properly.

  • Change air filters (if requested).



  • Inspect all doors, windows and screens for signs of break-ins, vandalism or damage.

  • Inspect exterior for rodent infestations.

  • Inspect exterior for vandalism.

  • Verify condition of lawn and landscaping to ensure routine maintenance has been performed by lawn service providers.

  • Inspect dock area (if applicable) for functionality or weather-related damage.

  • Inspect pool (if applicable) to ensure routine maintenance has been performed by service providers.

  • Check that the main water valve to the residence is set in the OFF position after each inspection. (Unless otherwise directed by the client).

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