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My husband and I are delighted with Jesse and Tiffany Habedank, owners of Paradise Lifestyle Management.  We just started “snowbirding” up north and were reluctant to leave our new home in Venice and just as reluctant to hire what some have experienced as overpriced and impersonal attention to their home,  by a property management company.  We have found them to be very attentive, fairly priced, and extremely pleasant to deal with.  Just when I thought I was set on working with one of them, the other comes through with just as much winning professionalism and warmth.  They are an effective team that has covered everything from removing the milk I left in the fridge to catching a leak in the AC system with everything in between like starting our car regularly, checking humidity levels, managing service people so pest control can continue indoors, and even FaceTiming while receiving furniture deliveries.  I can’t recommend them enough. 

- M & J. M. -

Grand Palm Residents 

​If you are looking for a business with high standards, people who truly love what they do, and have a passion for helping others, then Paradise Lifestyle Management is for you. My husband John and I had a fantastic experience with this husband and wife team, Jesse and Tiffany. We called on them to help us throughout our house building process, design, organization, and decorating of our home.

Jesse’s knowledge of construction was so helpful to us along the way. He would help put our minds at ease and use his knowledge and precision to make sure our build was going the way he would want it if it was his own home. Tiffany’s knowledge of decorating and design was just what I needed because moving can be an overwhelming process as it is. Thankfully, she helped me with so many aspects of moving into a new home and helped me finalize decisions to get things done! Our house would not have felt like a “Home” this quickly without their help. Jesse and Tiffany are reliable, honest, and patient. The services they offer are second to none. We are so happy we found them!


Thank you Paradise Lifestyle Management!


- J&S.L.-

Grand Palm Residents

When you trust Paradise Lifestyle Management they take so much stress off you. From scheduling contractors to look over bids Jesse has been reliable and knowledgeable every time I’ve needed help. 


Attention to detail is consistent. Jesse and Tiffany have helped me think through all the variables that come with a project. 


They have integrity which is so hard to find. 

- R.B.M.-

Jesse and Tiffany have helped us make significant decisions regarding future planning. They showed us possibilities of building a new home that would better suit our family when we were unsure if it was an option. In addition, they introduced us to other respectable professionals to aid us in specific domains when it came to that point and gave us confidence and motivation to better our family’s quality of life.

The background that Jesse and Tiffany bring to the table is logical, stable, and proven. Their strong family values and professional experiences have helped us ask the right questions, seek truthful answers, and work with reliable professionals. This power couple has motivated us to be our best and helped us make sound decisions that we proudly stand by.

Jesse and Tiffany clearly care about helping others be their best and we are grateful to have met them and learned from them.

- C&J.P.-

I just wanted to provide my feed back on the fantastic assistance we received by Tiffany & Jesse when we decided to purchase a condo in south Sarasota we found on the internet. They hooked us up! They connected us with a realtor there & did a FaceTime tour with us since we live in Michigan. They also helped us get furniture ordered & delivered so when we arrived after closing we had a bed to sleep on. They assisted with contacts for a remodel also & have done checks for us when we are not there for long periods of time.  


We are so pleased with all of the services they have provided & we couldn’t be happier to spend our winters in Paradise.

- D.S.-

​We relocated to Florida, like most to make a lifestyle change. When we arrived, we quickly realized that we hadn’t left behind as much of the hustle and bustle as we had intended. We were introduced to Jesse and Tiffany through mutual friends, and instantly formed a connection with this wonderful family. I think we immediately knew that this family would be a part of our new lives, but I don’t think that we were capable of understanding just how much they would influence and enlighten our family. I am a busy physician, and my wife is a caregiver for our 5 young children. We often struggle to find the balance in life that allows us to provide for our family while feeling like we are able to spend adequate time enjoying family communion. On numerous occasions, the Habedank's have been more than willing to lend us a hand to overcome many of our personal obstacles and struggles. They have helped us with everything from providing transportation for our children, nurturing and teaching our children, helping us to negotiate home services, installing landscape lighting, and even caring for our little Shih Tzu. They both have always been more than willing to provide assistance and even personal direction, when it is needed. They have become a large part of our daily lives and will remain dear to us for the remainder of our lives. We are fortunate enough to live near this amazing family and even more fortunate to consider them part of our family. If I ever have difficulty finding any of my children, Jesse is always the first call that I make. The majority of the time I can assure that if my children aren’t at home, they are knocking on the Habedank’s door. It is a wonderful feeling to know that they are always met with warm, open arms. Jesse will welcome them in and make sure they are comfortable while Tiffany nurtures them and reads them bible stories.  Jesse and Tiffany are an amazing couple and their boys, Peyton and Breylon are the most polite, respectable, personable, and fun adolescence that you will ever meet. The apples definitely didn’t fall far from the tree with these two. To know this family, is to love them and we are thankful that they are a part of the family that we have chosen. 

- B.C.-

Grand Palm Residents

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